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El Pasoans Against War: Rally for Peace in the Middle East & Beyond

EL PASO, TX- On Saturday, January 25, 2020 local organizers invite the press and the public to an International Day of Action calling for peace in Iran at Memorial Park (on the northwest corner of Copper Ave & N. San Marcial Street) at 2:30 pm to demand our lawmakers unequivocally condemn past and future military intervention in the Middle East as well as any further form of American imperialism, racism, pollution, and militarism. Local organizations, to include Veterans for Peace, Sunrise El Paso, Democratic Socialists of El Paso and La Mujer Obrera will speak at the rally, concluding with a vigil and local band Diaspora. The public is encouraged to attend.

On January 3rd, the Trump administration committed a casual and unapproved war crime against the Iranian state, unnecessarily escalating tensions that could lead to nuclear war after withdrawing from an important international deal negotiated to prevent such an eventuality.

This was done with disregard to important domestic issues, environmental impact, and the very lives of both our armed forces and the Iranian People. Iranian Americans are being detained at the borders and even face deportation; El Pasoans have suffered similar oppression for years and stand in solidarity with marginalized groups internationally. Harsh sanctions and threatening rhetoric continue to jeopardize the value of peace El Paso is so committed to.

The border has borne the brunt of bipartisan efforts to wage silent wars against marginalized communities for too long and Pollutive militarism cannot continue to perpetuate the climate emergency. It’s time to organize around a message of peace and nonviolence.

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